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Implementing New Technology: Tips for the Construction Industry

On Aug 24, 2017 by

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According to some thorough research recently published by KPMG, if you’re in the construction industry, chances are your company is probably a little bit behind the curve* when it comes to the adoption of new technology (*unless you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night – because according to their commercials, that makes you an instant expert on just about anything).

But in all seriousness, not only is the construction industry as a whole somewhat behind other industries when it comes to new technology, given the slow state of technology adoption, implementing new technology in the field or back office of a construction company can be an especially tall task.

Some of the reasons small and medium businesses may look into technology is to both improve over current methods (whether that’s paper or an outdated technology) and increase productivity. Though construction companies may be used to utilizing mounds of paper, firm handshakes, and wet signatures to do business, it’s a good idea to evaluate new technology as it becomes available, and to make the determination as to whether it might be necessary for your construction company to adopt new technology, lest you find yourself at a competitive disadvantage compared to your more advanced competition.

Technology in the Construction Industry | eSUB

Technology in the Construction Industry eSUB Infographic
Our friends at eSUB put together this infographic summarizing the findings of the 2016 KPMG report on Technology in the Construction Industry. Please click on the image for more info.

Adopting New Technology – 4 Things to Consider

Does it make your workflows easier?

For many office managers and contractors, decreasing time translates to lower costs, increased revenue and profit. By streamlining day to day office workflows and reducing manual efforts and paper-based processes, you can focus on more important tasks and the relationships you have with your most important customers.

Does it make your company more competitive?

It’s important to evaluate technology and see how implementing new software can improve your company’s relationships with other businesses by facilitating more efficient communication. While a new process may be an adjustment for your customers, an explanation of your new best practices and updated business methods can soften then change. Ultimately, technology should help grow the business with new customers, improve current relationships, get more revenue in the door.

Does it help you grow professionally and do your job better?

Let’s be honest, no one wants to be replaced by technology. However, as discussed in a recent article, using a tool to improve your job performance, can make you better at your job – both in the eyes of your coworkers and in terms of actual, measurable improvement. The decision to implement new technology can be a true win-win – you can get all the credit for streamlining more manual tasks which helps improve your resume, and your company enjoys the benefits of the increased, technology-enabled output.

Does it allow you to focus on more important tasks?

After talking to other contractors and office teams, they’re predominantly tasked with other responsibilities not planned in their job description. By focusing on your strengths instead of menial tasks, you can do the job you were hired to do.

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Implementing New Technology: Tips for the Construction Industry
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Implementing New Technology: Tips for the Construction Industry
The construction industry has traditionally lagged behind other industries in the adoption of new technology | Four tips to help a implement new technology
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On Aug 24, 2017


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