Ask anyone who works at zlien and they’ll tell you – one of the best parts about working here is getting the opportunity to solve a problem for one of our customers. Whether it’s answering a question, sharing a helpful resource, tracking down some essential project data, or helping them with a document, it just feels good to make someone else’s problem go away.

Sometimes, the person on the receiving end let’s us know that we were able to help, and that they appreciate our efforts on their behalf. When we get one of these reviews, it’s a nice reminder that the work we do really matters. And even when we get a not-so-good review, it gives us a chance to improve our service and do better the next time. Either way, getting feedback from our customers and from others in the industry is welcomed and appreciated by everyone here at zlien.

Today, we want to take the opportunity to share a recent review we received from Fred after he had a great experience talking to Julie, a member of zlien‘s Support team.

Fred’s Review. Thanks for z-love, Fred!

This Is Julie.

Using knowledge, experience, and a relentless drive to be helpful, Julie makes problems go away for people in the construction industry, just like she did for Fred.

You can learn a little bit more about her below.

About Julie:

That’s Julie on the right. She met her idol 10 years ago at an event in New Orleans after waiting for hours in the rain.

A New Orleans native, Julie joined the zlien team doing project research with the JobSight team in April 2016, and was a founding member of the Support team starting in October 2016. She is also a huge Taylor Swift fan.

We asked her about Fred:

Fred was such a trooper! He chatted in because he had already sent a Notice of Intent and was ready to order a Bond Claim for his public project. He had some initial issues with logging in, selecting the project, confirming the details, etc… but that’s what we’re here for!

We understand that most people don’t deal with this ordering process day in and day out like we do, so we are happy to help when the little details seem confusing.

Thank you for the kind words, Fred! It was my pleasure to help you!”

Julie recalls a challenging support case:

We have a very robust support team here at zlien. When people call or chat us with a question during the workday, they’re able to talk to a real, live person. Many of the people we talk to are calling us for the first time and aren’t even zlien customers. They’re just everyday people hard at work in the construction business with a situation that they need help with.

I recently had a call that came in about 30 minutes before the end of my shift. The caller was an office manager for a small subcontracting business, and they weren’t getting paid on a project. Since they were such a small company, the non-payment situation was putting their business in a very tight spot.

Julie and her coworker Michael on the day that Mollie’s karaoke CD arrived.

The project and the details of their situation were very complex, and she had many, many questions. I was able to direct her to the relevant zlien resources for helpful information on her situation, and I suggested she bring her legal questions to our Construction Legal Center where they could be answered by licensed construction attorneys. We ended up staying on the phone for an hour and a half, well past the end of my work day. But by the end of the call, she was feeling much more confident about her situation.

Julie’s most memorable support case:

We have a long-time customer named Mollie who chats in frequently about her company’s preliminary notices. One day I received a package in the mail at the office, and it was a CD of Mollie’s singing group performing a medley of karaoke classics! It’s really good, too! Thank you Mollie!”

Trouble Getting Paid on Projects? You're not alone

Thanks for zlove! Fred's 5-Star Review
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Thanks for zlove! Fred's 5-Star Review
zlien Customer Reviews | Getting feedback from our customers and others in the construction industry is welcomed and appreciated by everyone here at zlien
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