Ask anyone who works at zlien and they’ll tell you – one of the best parts about working here is getting the opportunity to solve a problem for someone in the construction industry. Whether it’s answering a question, sharing a helpful resource, tracking down some essential project data, or helping them with a document, it just feels good to make someone else’s problem go away. And helping folks is something we do for our customers and non-customers alike!

Sometimes, the person on the receiving end let’s us know that we were able to help, and that they appreciate our efforts on their behalf. When we get one of these reviews, it’s a nice reminder that the work we do really matters. And even when we get a not-so-good review, it gives us a chance to improve our service and do better the next time. Either way, getting feedback is welcomed and appreciated by everyone here at zlien, and we pay attention to all our reviews very closely. So, thank you for the feedback, and please keep it coming!

Today, we want to take the opportunity to share a recent review we received from Jon after he had a great experience talking to Alex, a member of zlien‘s Support team.

Jon’s Review. Thanks for z-love, Jon!

This Is Alex.

Using knowledge, experience, and a relentless drive to be helpful, Alex makes problems go away for people in the construction industry, just like he did for Jon.

You can learn a little bit more about Alex below.

About Alex:

Alex, Support Team member at zlien

A native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Alex joined the zlien team as a member of the Support Team in April of 2017. When Alex is not at work, he enjoys exploring the great city of New Orleans and he is an avid Saints and Pelicans fan.

We asked Alex about Jon:

“Jon reached out to zlien Support because he received payment after filing a mechanics lien (way to go, Jon!), and now he needed to order a lien release. Lien releases can actually be pretty complicated – they’re not just some simple sheet of paper giving up a lien. In this case, the lien release had to be recorded in the same manner as the original mechanics lien was filed. 

With the assistance of our JobSight Team, Jon’s release was generated in less than 2 hours and I was able to send him a copy via email.

Jon was very patient throughout the process and I am happy that he got paid and very appreciative of his kind words!

Alex recalls a challenging support case:

“We had a General Contractor that used our service for the first time a few months ago. When they began to use us, they had lots and lots of issues. They were a smaller company that had not received payments on several jobs and they were confused by the initial platform.

Whether it was on chat, email, or phone calls, each member in Support had a hand in assisting this contractor and I am proud to say that they are now a frequent user of zlien and are very happy with their decision to work with us!”

Alex’s most memorable support case:

“One of the Support Team’s regular tasks is to call zlien customers that have either pending or expired notifications in their account regarding our research of their project data.

I was on one of these calls with a customer just last month (December 2017), and was explaining to him that he had some pending notifications. When I explained that the notifications were for conflicting information that our JobSight team located, he became very alarmed.

How JobSight Resolves Conflicting Information

You see, this was on a Friday and the county was going to be closed on the following Monday due to the holidays. Our user was very worried that his order would not be recorded before his deadline on Monday.

Thankfully, his county allowed for electronic-recording, so with the assistance of our JobSight Team, we were able to get our users order processed before his deadline. I emailed the user a copy of his final document and he was ecstatic with the outcome. It’s cases like these that make the job that we do so rewarding!”

Trouble Getting Paid on Projects? You're not alone

Thanks for z-love! Jon's 5-Star Review
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Thanks for z-love! Jon's 5-Star Review
zlien Customer Reviews | Getting feedback from our customers and others in the construction industry is welcomed and appreciated by everyone here at zlien
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