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Texas Monthly Notices: Technology Is Here To Save The Day

On Feb 18, 2016 by

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Texas is notorious for having some of the most complex notice and lien laws in the entire nation. Do you need to send a two-month notice? A three-month notice? Which one goes to which recipients? Do I need to collect a green card? What are these so-called “sworn statements of accounts”?

Confusion abounds, and many of the business owners and managers with whom I speak (a majority of them have been in the industry for decades) cannot even come to a conclusion about the best way to handle these specifically required Texas documents and processes. The only universal agreement for these high-volume companies is that the process of securing lien rights in Texas is extremely time-consuming, sometimes taking much of their credit staff out of commission for an entire week (or even longer) every single month.

Luckily, technology has come to the rescue!

What if you could handle hundreds – or even thousands – *gasp* of projects each month while only spending a few hours total on the process? What if all of your Texas monthly notices were ready to be sent to the correct parties and in the correct format without you needing to fill out a single template or stamp a single envelope? What if you even had the ability to pull any notice from being sent up until the very last minute of notice day just in case your customer comes sprinting through the door and falls over exhaustedly at your desk letting that overdue check float out and land perfectly at your feet?

No need to salivate any longer while you dream of this Texas notice oasis. It’s already here, and I assure you: it’s very, very real. Just ask one of the many Texas zlien customers who kick up their feet come notice day and laugh nostalgically of previous times like Grandpa telling his grandchildren about the “olden days” of trekking miles through the snow (or scalding desert) to deliver monthly notices.

Why continue to subject your team to the inefficient, “we’ve always done it this way” process when an easy solution is already here? Take back your time so you can focus on more important tasks. Take back your money so you can spend your budget on more important priorities. And take back your efficiency so you know that your invoices are always secure – every single one.

Just give us a call at (866) 720-5436 or sign up for a free consulting session here so you can quickly determine if this solution may be a fit for you.

Short Guide to Texas Monthly Notices

On Feb 18, 2016


Jake Kupperman was an Enterprise Account Executive at zlien.

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