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We’ve collected a selection of interesting articles from across the industry this week. The articles below are divided into three sections: for credit managers, for office managers, and construction technology news. Our goal is to make it easy for all construction financial professionals to stay informed about what matters to them.

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For Credit Managers 

Key articles from across the web on construction finance and credit management.


Fieldwire blog: Nonpayment Prevention: A Guide for Subcontractors and Suppliers
Getting paid for construction work can be a challenge for several reasons. Learn how to minimize financial risk and decrease instances of invoices going to collections.

ForConstructionPros: Navigating Construction Contracts: Pay If Pay vs. Pay When Paid
It’s essential for credit managers to understand the difference between Pay-If-Paid and Pay-When-Paid clauses. While these phrases might look the same to the untrained eye, they have distinct meanings and serious implications for subcontractor risk.

Construction Dive: The Dotted Line: 5 of the Most Commonly Misinterpreted Terms in Construction Contracts
People are fallible, and misunderstandings are a part of life. Construction work is no exception. However, when it comes to construction contracts, time and money are at stake.

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For Office Managers

Construction office managers wear many hats. Save time by letting us deliver relevant news to your inbox along with tips, tricks, and best practices.


Construction Executive Tech Trends: Free Tools Small Contractors Can Use to Manage Customer Relationships
It’s important to note that CRM software is not the only way to manage customer relationships through technology. There are hundreds of free and low-cost tools that small construction companies can use as part of their CRM strategy.

Builtworlds: Hard Hat Hub Launches New App for Employees
On June 19, after more than a year of partnership with some of the top employers in Chicago, we launched a new tool designed just for them. Builtworlds’ revamped Hard Hat Hub platform now allows prospective employers to browse anonymous profiles, and then click to unlock a candidate’s name, and contact information.

Construction Dive: TX Dominates List of Top Regions for Construction Employment Opportunities
After analyzing Bureau of Labor Statistics data, apartment-locator website ABODO has identified which U.S. cities are home to the fastest-growing careers, and Houston tops the list for construction employment opportunities.


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Construction Technology News

Keep up with recent developments in construction tech.


zlien Construction Payment Blog: 3 Ways Mobile Apps are Changing the Jobsite
Technology is influencing and changing the way industries operate and construction is no exception. Today, mobile devices are having the same impact on site as the personal computers did when first introduced in the office. Read the full article on the Construction Payment Blog.

ForConstructionPros: How BIM and Mobile Computing are Redefining Construction Productivity
Asked about declining construction productivity at a time when manufacturing productivity is skyrocketing, Dan Johnson, president of Mortenson Construction says adoption of technology will help constructors catch up. Read the full article on

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