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Industry Spotlight

Key articles from across the web on a variety of topics about the construction industry

Infrastructure is in the News:

  • The Trump Administration’s List of 50 Priority Infrastructure Projects  via McClatchyDC
    Huge news from the big man himself. Still very preliminary – and worth noting that all of the federal portion of the funding for these proposed projects is going to have to go through Congress. This list – which comes with a price tag of $137.5 billion and calls for tens of thousands of new jobs to be created – only includes the projects that the Trump Administration wants to do first. The full infrastructure wishlist has a price tag of $1 trillion, or a ‘1’ followed by 12 (count ’em, 12!) zeroes!

Further reading: we wrote an article on the zlien blog about Trump’s list.

  • Senate Democrats Propose $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan via ABCNews
    Everybody’s doing it! Not to be outdone, Senate Democrats have also proposed their own $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan. Worth noting that way back in 2009, the incoming Obama administration proposed an ambitious plan to invest in America’s infrastructure, but it was basically a non-starter in Congress. (Candidate Clinton also pushed for more infrastructure spending – it was a major tenet of her campaign). No matter who ultimately gets the political credit, this huge increase in spending will surely be good news for the construction industry.

New-Home Construction and Sales in the News:

  • Will Builders Close the ‘Distressing Gap?’ via BuilderOnline
    New home sales still lag behind sales of existing homes (this is the ‘distressing gap’ the article refers to). Is innovation the path to close the gap? Investing in new technology? BIM? Is that kind of change and new thought even possible in the home building industry?

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Construction Tech
zlien is a technology company after all! News and other tidbits about the fast-growing construction technology space

Agile Technology:

  • The Future of Construction Lies in Agile Technology via The JOBSITE
    Great article on how technology will drive change and boost growth and efficiency in the construction industry. What will be the industry adoption rates of the big technological trends (document and drawing management, CRM, cloud computing, open integration standards)?

Inventing the Future:

  • 10 Futuristic Construction Technologies via HowStuffWorks
    Come of this stuff is just….wow. Just wow. To wit: Self-healing concrete, transparent aluminum, and 3-D printed houses, to name but 3. What a time to be alive!