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Industry Spotlight

Key articles from across the web on a variety of topics about the construction industry


What Trump, Clinton and Voters Agreed On: Better Infrastructure  via The NYTimes
Looks like we’re all together on this one, no matter where your political allegiance lies. One unquestionably bipartisan idea that everyone seems to be getting behind: improving America’s infrastructure.

Infrastructure Industry Braces for Business Boom  via FoxBusiness
In the make-believe world of Game of Thrones, “winter is [always] coming.” But thanks to a Trump Presidency, it’s looks like the warm, bright days of summer are on the way for the domestic infrastructure industry.

Wanted: Almost 1 Million Residential Construction Workers  via Dallas Morning News
North Texas home starts are still about 40% behind where they were a decade ago, and the lack of labor is one of the chief reasons.

How Builders Are Addressing the Skilled-Labor Shortage  via Construction Dive
The skilled-labor shortage persists in the construction industry, pushing wages up, extending project timelines and putting pressure on builder–trade relations.

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Payment, Credit, and Lien Rights

More construction industry content, but more about specific issues around payment, credit, and lien law updates

Subcontractor Files Mechanics Lien Against Trump After Voting For Him  via zlien’s Lien Law News
Well this is…awkward. Though Trump is no stranger to facing liens filed by disgruntled contractors and subs, this widely reported fact apparently had little to no impact on his successful campaign. And in this case, a subcontractor that filed a mechanics lien against Trump’s new D.C. hotel actually voted for him.

New Pennsylvania Lien Laws for 2017  via zlien’s Lien Law News
Pennsylvania joins North Carolina, Iowa, and Utah by instituting the Construction Notice Directory, which can be found here.

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