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Industry Spotlight

Key articles from across the web on a variety of topics about the construction industry

Labor Shortage in Construction:

  • Trump Wants to Build a Wall. Finding Workers Won’t Be Easy  via Bloomberg
    Oh the irony! What if the only way that the border wall with Mexico can be built – the same border wall that President Trump says will keep undocumented people out of the country – is to use labor supplied by…wait for it...undocumented workers! With unemployment in the construction industry at just 4.5%, the lowest it’s been in a decade, workers are scarce and wages are rising. Trump “is going to have a very hard time” building the wall with legal workers, according to a Houston-based industry source.
  • Construction Employment in January 2017 Reaches Highest Level Since 2008; Contractors Raise Pay via AGC of America
    Big, big numbers all around. Construction employment increased by 36,000 jobs in January to a total of 6.8 million workers. Hourly wages in construction are rising faster than for all other private sector workers. A recent survey shows that 73% of participating contractors are planning to add to their headcounts in 2017. The same percentage also reported trouble filling hourly or salaried positions. And this: end-of-month job openings in construction are at 17-year highs. Wow!

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