Mechanic Lien Deadline Management Online - Fixing the ServerWow – how time flies!   It has already been a month since our last blog post, and if you’re a client or frequent reader of the blog, you may have been wondering:   What have we been up to?

You may remember our website ( and blog going down two or three times in July, leaving many of our users and readers frustrated.   It made us quite frustrated, too, and since this wasn’t the first time we had problems with our GoDaddy Dedicated Servers (boooooo), we decided it was time for a change.

Over the past month, we’ve been working very hard to change servers for this blog and the zlien service without losing any data, and with the minimal amount of downtime.    While it was a long haul, and there were some bumps, we’re happy to be finished with our move.

The website and blog are noticeably faster than before, and I can assure you – our service is more reliable than ever.

It’s a shame that the server switch took so much time and energy, and really made blogging and other updates difficult.   But, all is right with the world again, and we’ll be posting more regularly and rolling out some really awesome updates to the site.

Wait to you see what we have in store for our users in the next month…Stay tuned!