Over the past two years, the construction industry has seen a boom in public works. This is due to lower construction costs, influx of federal stimulus funds and lower financing rates for local governments.

The result has meant tons of public work for contractors, who benefit both from Davis-Bacon wages and bonded work, which virtually ensures payment!

zlien  has taken the time to ensure that its clients know the basics of filing and preserving lien rights on the public job. A recent article describes your rights under the Miller Act, a federal series of laws which govern contracts for construction over the amount of $100,000.00.

But, did you also know that each state has what is called a “Little Miller Act.” These collections of laws mirror the purpose and structure of the Miller Act, namely providing rules for payment, security and claims on the public project.

For instance, did you know that every state or locally managed construction contract issued in Louisiana for a total of no less than $100,000.00, requires a performance and payment bond and demands that you file a sworn statement of your unpaid claim within 45 days of completion? (See La. R.S. 38:2241, et seq.) We’ve have reported on this before.

How about the great state of Washington (our home), which requires that a contractor provide 60 day notice of its right to a lien against a public contract’s retainage? (RCW 60.28, et seq.) Failing to timely file could result in forfeiture to timely payment, and your right to proceed in an action against the contractor’s bond.

Its important that contractors understand that it takes more than simple contractual compliance to ensure payment. Having a qualified lien management company on hand makes it all that much easier to feel secured on the jobsite!

Zlien’s $395 flat fee services includes tracking down and obtaining copies of the prime contractor’s bond, noticing the surety and prime contractor, and filing with the appropriate state or federal agency, your claim. Remember that our services also include all mailing and delivery confirmation.

Also, remember that in many cases, suppliers, second-tier subcontractors, and equipment lessors, may be required to issue preliminary notices of the materials they sell or lease, or the work that they will perform on a public project. Zlien’s $35 flat fee notices can save you!

Using zlien’s Lien Pilot, you could greatly benefit from tracking deadlines and lien obligations. Please be sure to check out Lien Pilot and keep up with zlien .com/articles, for more information on how to protect your business.