How to Make a Georgia Payment Bond Claim

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Those who work in construction know that payment disputes are common. But how do you make a payment claim on a Georgia public works project? Since liens can't be filed on a public job, a Georgia payment bond claim is a strong tool for recovery.

Lien Waiver vs Lien Release: What’s the Difference?

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Waiving lien rights or releasing a lien... it can be easy to mix up these concepts. But when it comes to lien rights, it is extremely important to understand the distinctions. Lien waivers and lien releases are completely different. Here is a super-simple breakdown.

South Carolina’s Notice of Commencement is a Little Bit Odd

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A Notice of Commencement formally designates the beginning of a project. Its core function is to provide key information to contractors, material suppliers, equipment lessors, and other hired parties working on a construction project. Sounds pretty informative, right? It is! And it can be a really helpful resource for sub-contractors and...

Arizona 20 Day Preliminary Notice: The Why, Who, What, When, and How

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First and foremost, preliminary notice provides the communication necessary to create a healthy project. These notices illuminate the payment chain and make sure that everyone understands your relationship to the overall project. Plus, if notice isn’t sent, parties could possibly lose lien rights. And that’s a bigger deal than it...

Contractors: Collecting Lien Waivers From Your Direct Subs Isn’t Enough

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Lien waivers grease the wheels for construction payment. They act like a receipt and ensure that payments can be made without fear of payment claims derailing the job. When utilized properly, waivers are a win-win situation. However, contractors should keep something in mind: collecting waivers from your direct subs isn't...