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California Preliminary Notice [Free Form Template Download]

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What Is a Preliminary Notice?

A preliminary notice is a type of construction notice sent by a party that’s receiving payment to the project owner and other top-tier project participants (such as the general contractor) that are involved with making payments. In many states, including California, sending preliminary notice is a required step in order to maintain the right to file a mechanics lien on a construction project (should a payment issue develop). For more information, follow this link to learn all about the California Preliminary Notice.

Free California 20-Day Preliminary Notice Form Template Download

California Preliminary Notice Free Template

Learn even more about California Preliminary Notices

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California Preliminary Notice? [Free Template Download]
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California Preliminary Notice? [Free Template Download]
Preliminary notice is generally required to be sent on construction projects in the state in California in order to secure mechanics lien rights. Download a free California 20-Day Preliminary Notice template here.
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Last Updated on Dec 13, 2018
Published on Aug 06, 2018


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