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The Mechanics Lien Process in Three Steps

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Construction companies should think of lien rights management as a 3-step process, and not as a stand-alone document.

The mechanics lien is not a stand-alone document.
It’s actually a 3-step process that starts
well before any payment problems arise.

In fact, filing a lien is not a first step at all. It’s actually the third step in the process, and in order to protect the ability to file a mechanics lien, one must send specific notices, fulfill specific requirements, and meet specific deadlines ahead of time, often long before a mechanics lien enters the picture. To get an overview of the process, click below to download our 2-page PDF. Master your lien rights and take control of your payments.

Click on the image below to get the guide:

The Mechanics Lien Process in 3 Simple Steps

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Last Updated on Nov 26, 2018
Published on Apr 19, 2017


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