Lien Writer Software Replacement

Are you thinking about making lien waivers and preliminary notices easier and faster?  We are frequently contacted by office managers and credit managers looking to replace their Lien Writer™ software with something more modern and reliable, and related to this, we recently wrote about the 7 things you’ll love in adopting a new tool to help you with notices & waivers.

But how do you practically make the switch?  Is it going to be a pain? How fast can it happen?

Transitioning from Lien Writer™ or some other on-premise lien document generation tool is easy. This guide will help you understand the steps.

Step 1: Export Your Lien Waiver File & Import Into zlien

All of your projects in zlien
Clean view of all your projects in zlien, with indication of all your next steps.

You may be concerned about switching lien document management tools because so much of your data is already in your existing software, but you’ll be happy to hear that it’s really simple to get all of that data into your new software. And I mean all of the data — even down to the certified mail records of preliminary notices you sent years ago.

Lien Writer™ and other lien document software tools enable you to export all of your data into an Excel or csv file. Your first transition step is to generate that export file.

That exported file can easily be imported right into the zlien, and from there, you’ll have access to all of your projects, contacts, and documents.

Step 2: Training Session To Learn New Interface

Our training team will get you ready to best use zlien
Our training and on-boarding team will walk you through the zlien interface.

Once all of your data is in zlien, the second step in your transition will be to spend a few minutes with our on-boarding and training team.

They’re going to walk you and your team through the new interface, helping you get acquainted with where you can find all of your older documents and data, and then, how to handle adding projects, contacts, and documents in the future.

When you finish your training session you won’t be on your own.  Our customer support team is the best in the business, and is available by phone, email, or live chat.

Step 3: Watch Notices & Lien Waivers Get Easier

That’s it. Your transition is completed just like that. Now it’s time to just watch your preliminary notice and lien waiver process get easier.

When sending preliminary notices, you’ll still be generating a document just like you did in any other software product. Now, though, instead of printing paper and stuffing envelopes, you’ll just press a few buttons and watch all of that happen automatically.

When managing lien waivers, instead of bouncing from Outlook, to your desktop, to your printer  / scanner and back, you’ll be able to manage everything in one place.

Replacing Lien Writer? A Guide For An Easy Transition.
Article Name
Replacing Lien Writer? A Guide For An Easy Transition.
Are you thinking about making lien waivers and preliminary notices easier and faster? Here is a guide to transitioning from Lien Writer to zlien.
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