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Project Data:
the More You Know, the Better It Goes! [Take Our Quiz!]

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Collecting accurate and complete project information is an industry-wide challenge in the construction business. It’s no surprise then, that it’s a subject we’ve written about quite a few times here at zlien.

But there’s no way around it – in order to secure your project payments, you’re going to need to know quite a bit of important project data, and you’re going to need to know this information in full and 100% accurately. Because anything less than perfection might kill your payment rights.

But now we have a new – and a much more entertaining – way to look project data skill level…a quiz!

Would you like to play a game?

Project Data Quiz

When it Comes to Payment,
the More You Know,
the Better It Goes.


Would you like to test your project data skills? We've created a short, 6-question quiz to test your project data abilities.

Completing the quiz should only take you 1-2 minutes, and we'll give you your results at the end. We'll also send you an email with some info, tips, and resources to help you improve on your project info skills.


Project Data: the More You Know, the Better It Goes!
Article Name
Project Data: the More You Know, the Better It Goes!
In order to secure your project payments you need to know a lot of important project data fully and 100% accurately | One small mistake might be fatal
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Last Updated on Jan 02, 2018
Published on Dec 30, 2017


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