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Notice of Intent to Foreclose: An ‘Interview’ with zlien‘s Secret Weapon

On Aug 02, 2017 by

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While the mechanics lien process is designed to get you paid, there is always the occasional project that will require escalation of your lien claim. Even after following the holy trinity of lien rights (the ‘holy trinity’ in this sense is: Step 1 – send preliminary notice; Step 2 – file a notice of intent to lien; Step 3 – file a mechanics lien. Find out more about the 3-step lien rights process), there will still be opposing parties out there who are willing to see just how far you’ll go to collect payment.

And let’s face it: initiating a lawsuit can be a headache for everyone involved, and zlien gets that. This is where the Notice of Intent to Foreclose comes in – a voluntary document with a very special set of skills that can be sent in any state as one final attempt to show that you mean business.

We’ve managed to snag an exclusive interview with zlien’s secret weapon; so let’s learn a little more about this bad boy who can save you from the time and money of a drawn out lawsuit.

Notice of Intent to Foreclose:
An Exclusive Interview with zlien’s Secret Weapon

We can neither confirm nor deny that this is a picture of the reputed “zlien secret weapon,” the Notice of Intent to Foreclose.

Interviewer: So, Mr. Notice is it? Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Notice Of Intent to Foreclose: My full name is Notice of Intent to Foreclose, but that’s ‘Mr. Notice of Intent to Foreclose’ for you. The idea behind my creation was first conceived from a question that many zlien users were asking about the lien rights management process: ‘I’ve filed my mechanics lien. Now what?’ 

The good folks back at zlien decided it was necessary to offer a new product specially designed to be the next step after the filing of the lien. This new product would be used as a final attempt to prompt payment before “lawyering up.”

So that’s what I’m here for – to show the party who won’t pay up that you are ready and willing to legally enforce your mechanics lien in a court of law to get the payment you deserve. Since I’m not technically required by law to be sent, there are no restrictions in any state about sending me as a warning letter. But even though I’m not required, that doesn’t mean I’m not effective, because I am. Very effective.

InterviewerI see. Yes, it seems like you are very good at your job, indeed. So now that we know what you can do, can you tell us when would be the best time to bring you into a payment situation on a construction project?

zlien‘s Secret Weapon has a special set of skills to help you get paid

Notice Of Intent to Foreclose: That’s a great question — most mechanics liens do have an expiration date, which would make an attempt to enforce your lien in court after this date extremely difficult, if not invalid. I specifically state, ‘If payment is not received a lawsuit WILL BE INITIATED,’ so it’s a best practice to send me to the property owner and/or interested parties well before the expiration date to ensure there’s enough time for your notice of lien foreclosure to be a valid threat.

Interviewer: That makes perfect sense. So now that we know the ‘How’ and the ‘When,’ can you please tell us, where can construction companies find you if they need your help getting paid?

Notice Of Intent to Foreclose: Of course. I’m always happy to help, and I love my job. The good news is that I’m available for zlien customers to order at any time, and that goes for both subscription and pay-as-you-go users.

zlien subscribers can find me by logging into their account, and pay-as-you-go users can find me on the publicly accessible, pay-as-you-go platform. From there, I’ll be hanging out under the ‘Something Else’ category of documents, and you’ll see my official title: Certified Notice of Intent to Foreclose

Well there you have it, folks! Our good friend and zlien associate with a very special set of skills, Mr. Notice Of Intent to Foreclose, is ready and waiting to help you avoid your day in court by all means necessary. And just like our secret weapon friend here, we at zlien are here for just one thing: to help you get paid.

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Notice of Intent to Foreclose: zlien's Secret Weapon
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Notice of Intent to Foreclose: zlien's Secret Weapon
The Notice Of Intent to Foreclose is a very effective document that helps construction companies avoid expensive lawsuits and get paid.
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On Aug 02, 2017


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