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Introducing the Lien Resolution Center

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No one likes liens. Property owners don’t want their property tied up by a lien, and the claimant gets no joy from filing a lien, he just wants to get paid. Despite our name, zlien views mechanics liens as an effective last resort for contractors, suppliers, and other construction parties who aren’t paid for work they have completed on a construction project.

Sometimes communication is all it takes to resolve payment issues before formally filing a mechanics lien. With that in mind, the zlien team created the Lien Resolution Center.

zlien‘s New Lien Resolution Center: How It Works

Now, after you file a mechanics lien through the zlien*, you will be given the option to launch the Lien Resolution Center. If you opt in, your lien will be put on hold, and the platform will facilitate a conversation between all the relevant parties. Simply invite the property owner, general contractor, and anyone else to participate in the conversation. They will see a ticking clock counting down until the time the lien will be filed, but this communication gives them the option to provide payment before the lien is filed.

Because so many payment problems in the construction industry are simply borne of miscommunication (or a total lack of communication), we at zlien hope the Lien Resolution Center will help improve transparency on construction projects and will help cut down on lien filings by providing an alternative that appeals to everyone. Often, the reason a subcontractor or supplier isn’t paid is simply because the property owner and/or general contractor are unaware of their involvement on a project. The Lien Resolution Center provides one final chance to resolve the payment dispute before serious action is taken.

If you’re worried that filing a lien might be detrimental to your relationship with your customer and wish there was a softer way to “push” for payment, the Lien Resolution Center is an excellent solution.

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Benefits of Using the Lien Resolution Center

Goodwill & Good Relationships

Property owners and general contractors will appreciate the opportunity to openly communicate and resolve the payment dispute before a lien is filed. It is no longer necessary when deciding whether or not to file a lien to ponder whether you have to choose between securing payment and fostering positive business relationships.


As discussed above, lack of communication is the source of so many payment problems in construction (and elsewhere). Simply increasing communication can dramatically decrease nonpayment, late payments, and the frequency that lien filings are required. zlien‘s data shows that a mechanics lien only needs to be filed in 2% of cases where preliminary notice and notice of intent are sent properly. If the lien deadline is approaching and there is no time to send these other documents, the Lien Resolution Center provides yet another vehicle for communication.

Ready to Get Started?

Not a zlien subscription customer? Click the “File Now” button below to launch the Lien Resolution Center. Just follow the steps to file a lien, and you will be prompted to initiate the Lien Resolution Center after you checkout.

Already a zlien subscription customer? Click the button below to login to the platform. Follow the steps to file a lien like you typically would, and when you are checking out you will have the option to turn on the Lien Resolution Center.

File Mechanics Lien

File Mechanics Lien

zlien makes it easy for contractors, suppliers, and everyone else in the construction industry to manage their lien rights by sending notices, exchanging lien waivers, and filing mechanics liens. Interested in exploring a solution for your business? Click the button below to schedule a time to speak to one of our lien experts. They’ll show you how zlien can help you manage your lien and notice process while saving your business time, money, and stress.

Last Updated on Nov 26, 2018
Published on Jan 26, 2017


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