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Hey Contractors! Don’t Go Postal in Cook County, IL!

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Sometimes we think the Postal Service gets a bit of a bad rap. After all, aren’t they the ones that deliver in rain, sleet, or snow? Still, if using the USPS wasn’t worry-free, then there’d be no need for more dependable (though much higher priced) delivery services such as FedEx and UPS. Because, “when it absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight,” who are you going to call?

Well, if you’re a contractor or material supplier that needs to file a lien in Cook County, IL, our recommendation is for you to avoid the USPS. Read on to find out why.

Snail Mail a No-No

Cook county is huge – it’s the second largest county in the country and includes the entire Chicago metro area. As you might imagine, the Cook county recorder’s office is busy. Therefore, when you send in a mechanics lien filing via the regular mail, you should expect that the normal backlog that exists in the recorder’s office is going to add a potentially significant wait to the time it takes for them to process your lien.

e-Filing is excellent

So if using the regular mail is not advised, how should you file a mechanics lien in Cook County? Well, you could pay a visit to the recorder’s office in person, though that’s probably impractical – and would take way too long – for many contractors. You could use the previously mentioned FedEx or UPS. You might even spring for a private courier to deliver your mechanics lien. But all of these methods are unnecessary.

The absolute best way to file a mechanics lien in Cook County (and anywhere else) is by e-filing. With electronic filing, you can skip the lines, and you can avoid the uncertainty as to whether your lien filing will get recorded in time. Instead of taking days (or weeks, in some cases), submitting a mechanics lien electronically for filing in Cook County may be completed within a matter of minutes or hours.

When you think about it, there are some similarities between delivering the mail and working construction out in the field…

Mechanics Lien Best Practices – Cook County

Avoiding the mail – and using e-filing instead – is just one of many best practices that we recommend to folks working on construction projects in the land of Lincoln. We’ve got a guide book that has everything you need to know to file a mechanics lien in Illinois. Follow the link or click on the button below to download your own free copy.

Colorado Mechanics Lien Guide Download

Hey Contractors! Don't Go Postal in Cook County, IL!
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Hey Contractors! Don't Go Postal in Cook County, IL!
The absolute best way to file a mechanics lien in Cook County and anywhere else is by e-filing | e-filing takes just minutes or hours instead of days
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Published on Oct 09, 2017


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