Know what’s due and when.

For over 10 years, zlien has provided thousands of free resources that have helped tens of thousands of construction companies get paid through effective lien rights management. We’ve always done our best to make it easy for you to learn about and leverage your lien rights, but our latest product makes it easier than ever.

We’re very happy to announce the Lien Deadline Calculator, a brand new, free tool that gives anyone the power to calculate lien & notice deadlines and requirements on any project nationwide. Now everyone can avoid these three common mistakes:

  1. Missing a lien or notice deadline
  2. Failing to send a required notice
  3. Not going to law school (We get it – this stuff is complicated! That’s why we make it easy so you can skip the hard stuff.)

All you need to do is enter your project dates, and the calculator will do the rest. Click the button below to try it out for yourself.

Lien Deadline Calculator

Don’t lose your lien rights to a technicality. Use the Lien Deadline Calculator to stay on top of your lien rights and make sure you get paid.

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