The challenges faced by an enterprise-level accounting department are going to be very different from the pain points that an office manager in a small-to-medium sized business (SMB) is trying to overcome each day. At the same time however, when faced with a similar challenge, companies that are roughly the same size within the same industry may try to solve that same challenge very differently.

“Credit Automation” is one of those business challenges that means different things to different people. Therefore, when a smart B2B company talks about credit automation, we try to do be mindful not only of who our audience is, but also, where they are from a standpoint of the challenges they’re facing and how technology might help overcome those challenges.

But no matter how you look at things, at the most basic level, we can infer that “credit automation” is about at least 2 things:

  1. It’s about money – that’s the credit part, and,
  2. It’s about technology – that’s the automation part

We all know what “credit” is, and we also know that, from top to bottom, the construction industry is particularly credit-heavy. But the word “automation” connotes a certain mindlessness. As zlien’s CEO, Scott Wolfe, says, automation is dumb,” mind-numbingly precise and completely blind to nuance. And that can be problematic, because nuance is important! Some might even say that, in business, just as in life, nuance is everything. Policies and procedures are essential, but very few businesses could succeed on a set of rules in a handbook alone. There has to be room for intuition, and automation without the ability to manage exceptions will do more harm than good.

Policies are the original automation
~Scott Wolfe, zlien CEO

The following list of articles is a collection of our best credit automation resources. While we’ve divided them into 2 groups – resources for larger companies and for smaller – don’t let that stop you from clicking on something that interests you!

Resources for Large and Enterprise Businesses

Automation and Machine Learning for Credit Departments
from zlien’s Construction Credit Blog

Construction Technology: Automation Makes You More Money
by Nate Budde, zlien’s Chief Legal Officer

Credit Managers Can Learn From the Sales Team
by Martin Roth, zlien’s VP of Revenue

Tech Platforms that Make a Credit Manager’s Life Easier
by Nate Budde, zlien’s Chief Legal Officer

State of Automation in Credit and A/R Technology
by Scott Wolfe, zlien’s CEO

Resources for SMBs (Small-to-Medium-Businesses)

The Benefits of Automation for Your Business
by Madeline Fortino, zlien’s Manager of Customer Support

A/R Management: When Traditional Tools Stop Working
by Jeanne Wild, Anytime Collect

The Problem With Lien Waivers (and How Document Automation Can Help)
by Nate Budde, zlien’s Chief Legal Officer

The Secret to Automating Collections Without Losing the Human Element
by Martin Roth, zlien’s VP of Revenue and published on Funding Gates

The Ultimate Guide to Construction Credit