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We’ve changed up the construction financial manager review. Now, instead of sharing a selection of news from across the industry, we’ve broken it down to help you find what is most relevant to you. The articles below are divided into three sections: for credit managers, for office managers, and construction technology news.

We decided to make these changes because we want to make it easy for all construction financial professionals to stay informed about what matters to them. Do you have suggestions or feedback? Please reply to this email and let me know.

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For Credit Managers 

Key articles from across the web on construction finance and credit management.

As someone who tries to stay close to current trends and developments within the finance function, all chatter in the past years has been around the on-going development, some would say evolution, of the CFO role. Everything from the CFO becoming redundant or swallowed by the COO role to the CFO becoming the Chief Everything Officer making the CEO redundant.

What contractors need to know about email, digital documents and signatures
There was a time when a contract was not legally binding unless all of the parties involved sat down, reviewed the agreement, then signed and dated it in front of witnesses. Today, such formal contract signings have become passé.

5 charts that reveal the future of residential construction
The residential construction industry’s recovery has moved along a slow and steady path as the housing market struggled to find its footing after the crash eight years ago. But Len Kiefer, deputy chief economist at Freddie Mac, said he expects 2016 to be housing’s “best year in a decade.”

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For Office Managers

Construction office managers wear many hats. Save time by letting us deliver relevant news to your inbox along with tips, tricks, and best practices.

Six ways strong positioning can help general contractors win more work
Positioning is a marketing strategy that is foreign to most general contractors. However, it plays a major role in their ability to generate the right leads, differentiate and win new business.

Building a collaborative industry culture
There are several construction industry initiatives related to collaboration. These mainly focus on broad aspects of collaboration. There are efforts on modularization, Building Information Modeling (BIM), lean construction, interoperability, and education on advanced construction planning. But initiatives specifically focused on transforming the industry-wide things that hamper collaboration, are nonexistent.

Upgrade time tracking methods to increase construction productivity and efficiency
Time trackers can help companies stay competitive and reduce overall costs in a number of ways. With the automatic time tracker, business owners will be able to record work hours and see how employees spend their time. Read the full article on Construction Executive Managing Your Business.

Construction Technology News

Keep up with recent developments in construction tech.

4 construction technology innovations enhancing productivity in the field
Many construction tech solutions, like zlien, benefit the gatekeepers of budgets and overall project performance, but there are plenty of innovations out there making the tasks of foremen, tradesmen and other site workers easier so they can be as productive as possible.

It’s not Grandpa’s plumb bob: How augmented reality is changing construction
Discussions about innovation in construction are usually about building innovative architecture, materials and design. But when was the last major innovation in how buildings are built?

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