Core Values: Mutual Participation
( zlien employees focused on Core Values)

Perhaps you are curious what zlien’s core values are, yes?  Zlien’s first and most basic core value is Ease.  We do have a couple more to follow but let’s chat about this very important one.  What do we want to be Easy?  Everything!  We want the lien laws, deadlines, recording procedure and notification process to all be just a click-of-a-button away.  You see, it is that easy. 🙂

Guess what happens when a service is this easy? You get ecstatic clients!  Yep,  Zlien’s second core value is Client Satisfaction for every user within our system.  How could a client not be ecstatic when every email and question is efficiently answered by a team member.  We are always on what we like to call, “full tilt” to get people paid.  We have awesome coders who work into the wee hours of the night updating the system so that we always have the best and fastest software to keep the notification and ordering processes simple and quick.

zlien pursues the above core values with Flexibility.   We are constantly using client feedback and our own day-to-day experiences to update, revise and better our way of business.  We love client input and requests for how we may better serve our customers.  See something that would be better another way?  Let us know us ASAP.