Update May 26, 2016: This article was written in 2008. zlien‘s pricing has since changed. To see our current pricing, visit zlien.com/pricing.

Zlien, L.L.C. is happy to announce that it has changed its price structure, and all liens are now filed for the low flat rate of just $295.00. The Flat Fee pricing structure is easy, and it’s the lowest priced lien ever offered by the service.

“Now for just $295, a contractor has immediate access to its most powerful collection tool: the construction lien,” says Scott Wolfe, founder of the service. “Filing a lien themselves could cost up to $100 in filing fees. Our service produces a complying document, gets it recorded within three days and sends copies via certified return receipt mail to all interested parties. That data is stored on our servers forever. You can’t beat the value.”

Along with the introduction of the new flat filing fee, the construction lien filing service has recently expanded and now files construction liens in California, Louisiana, Oregon and Washington.

“We’re seeing a high demand for this service,” says Wolfe. “Contractors face non-paying customers all the time, and zlien is one of the only professional services that makes liening simple without a membership commitment, and with no frills.”

The company’s slogan is Lien Smarter, and executive Doug Reiser explains that it’s exactly what zlien clients do: “Lien statutes are hyper-technical and require contractors to follow formatting rules to the letter. It just makes sense to let a professional service do that. And for only $295, its worth the investment on almost any debt.”

Indeed, each state has its own formatting and lien content rules, and the cost of an inaccurate lien can be the validity of the lien itself.zlien uses your submitted data to properly format a lien for your project’s jurisdiction.

The service looks to expand into Mississipi, Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico within the next couple of weeks.