SEATTLE, WA (ZLIEN) November 2, 2009 — Welcome to the new zlien.Com – an industry leading web-based mechanics lien management and filing system.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new website, and the introduction to a number of new services that helps your company Lien Smarter…and Get Paid.

Zlien’s list of improvements makes our company the clear industry leader in providing web-based solutions for contractors and others in the construction industry who manage and file preliminary notices, mechanics liens and other lien documents.

The improvements and new features include:

Free Deadline Calculation & Management

Lien rights are valuable to our clients, and so it’s important to protect these rights by meeting statutory deadlines.   Managing these deadlines has proved difficult, since they are complicated, and change depending on where you’re working, the type of work performed, and more.

zlien offers lien deadline calculation and management for free.   You input the details about your project, and zlien will calculate your project’s deadlines.   When you login to the Lien Pilot, you’ll see all upcoming deadlines, ensuring that your company timely sends notices and liens…and protects its most powerful collection tools.

Improved Lien Pilot to Manage Orders, Projects, and Lien Documents

When logging into ZLien’s new Lien Pilot, clients will be met with a cleaner and more intuitive interface.   Users are able to manage project details, quickly check on the status of orders, input information to calculate and manage lien deadlines, and more.

The Lien Pilot is an asset to your collections department.   From here, you can organize the delivery of notices and liens, prevent lien rights from expiring, and cleanly keep track of your collection efforts on a non-paying construction project.

A Smarter Lien Wizard

The new Wizard is smart.    As you input information about your construction project, the Lien Wizard reduces the types of documents available to you to order.   By the time you’re ready to select your document, you’ll only see documents applicable to your project’s state, your role in the project, and the stage of the work.    The Wizard will also display the notice requirements applicable to your project, so you can review these before deciding which type of document you’d like to file.    If you are still unsure, the Lien Wizard will make suggestions to you.

Our service is completely web-based, meaning you don’t have to install, service, or upgrade any software. Everything is right where you need it, when you need it.

Plus, there’s no pressure to spend anything with our company.  You can mange you project data and deadlines without joining any memberships, without paying a monthly fee and without spending a nickel.   The nation’s most intuitive and efficient web-based lien management system is yours absolutely free.

When you’re ready to file a lien with us, you can painlessly make the order using our new Lien Wizard.  zlien is a revolutionary service that makes filing liens easy and intuitive.  You give us the project details, and we’ll have the lien form filled-in, filed, sent to interested parties and uploaded to your account.   It’s easy and reliable, and all done for one low flat fee.

Speak with someone today if you have any questions.  We’re glad to help your company Lien Smarter.