Editor’s Note:  zlien has grown quite a bit since we first started using the term “Lien Pilot” to refer to our product. Now, we refer to our product simply to as the zlien platform, our cloud-based application that helps you manage your lien rights and help you get paid. Subscription plans start at just $49 per month and features such as zlien Queue, Lien Genome, JobSight, and Waivers Inbox.

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Accounts receivable and credit management is a challenge to anyone in the construction industry, which boasts the highest debt ratios in the nation. While the mechanics lien remedy exists in every state as a possible solution to these ARM problems, compliance with these regulations is a tall order.

zlien provides software and services to help organizations manage mechanics lien and preliminary notice compliance. Today, it announces a complete overhaul of its industry leading LienPilot web application, making lien compliance easier and more beautiful than ever.

Tour The New LienPilot

Mechanics Lien Compliance Management: Tour The LienPilot from Zlien on Vimeo.
Words alone cannot do justice to this update. Watch this video to take a quick one minute tour of the new LienPilot interface.

How LienPilot Helps You Management Preliminary Notice Requirements

Call it what you will – preliminary notice, pre-lien notice, notice to owner, NTO, prelims, etc. – the fact is that companies struggle to understand what notices they should send and when. The confusion is understandable, as these requirements and forms vary from state to state and project to project.

The LienPilot application deconstructs the confusion and puts you in control of the mechanics lien process. Clients and users can enter simple project information into the LienPilot software, and the system will calculate what notices are due, when they are due, and track your deadlines and requirements through the interface.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to enter project data through the new interface and immediately see the applicable notice deadlines and requirements.

Add A Project And Calculate Mechanics Lien Deadlines from Zlien on Vimeo.

Industry Leading Management of Filed Notices and Liens

Sending preliminary notices or filing mechanics liens is difficult enough…but perhaps more challenging is tracking these documents. Does your company have immediate and digestible access to all of your notices, liens and claims?

Thezlien LienPilot application makes management of this information and these documents easier than ever. When the time comes for your company to prove it sent a notice, you’ll be able to pull up the project, all lien and notice rules and regulations, and most importantly, every notice sent and record of delivery.

Multiple Branches, Regions, Brands or Accounts?  No Problem.

The launch of the new LienPilot sees the graduation of our “Locations” feature, which is something we’ve been testing in Beta for almost a year.

The locations feature lets any user set up multiple locations, branches or brands. If your company manages its projects separately by branch, or if your company operates under multiple company names or brands, the LienPilot interface can handle the distinctions and associate each project and deadline record with the appropriate “location.”  If desired, each location can have a separate login.