Over the years, I’ve published lots of charts and data sets with the mechanics lien and preliminary notice requirements. Mechanic lien laws almost mandate such charts and spreadsheets, as the thousands of variations need to be accounted for and visualized to make any sense. Inspired by awesome infographics used in other industries, we decided to take all of our mechanics lien data and visualize it in an infographic.

In addition to visualizing the mechanic lien laws, we also conducted a survey of mechanic lien claimants who filed a mechanics lien in 2011. We asked them if they’d recommend using Zlien to others (overwhelmingly they would!), and more importantly, whether they got paid. Our survey results are also presented in this infographic, giving the viewer a glimpse at how effective a mechanics lien can be in getting a construction debt paid.

Here it is:

Mechanics Lien Infographic