This week, the Illinois Attorney General’s office initiated the prosecution of Contractors Lien Services, Inc. for “fraudulent practices.”   It’s an event that highlights the importance of choosing a honest and quality liening partner.

The construction lien statutes across the nation are drafted with a certain balance.  On the one hand, they are there to protect contractors in the event of non-payment, for the value of its labor and contributions.  On the other hand, however, state legislatures are also very concerned about the integrity of public property records.

Filing a construction lien can be a very powerful remedy for contractors, and an important collections tool.  However, contractors must be aware of the dangers of filing liens improperly or inappropriately.

To acquire your construciton lien privilege, the laws typically require contractors to have sent required notices, to meet certain other formalities, and more.   It’s important that lien management is a component of your job management, with your company taking steps to protect its lien rights before ever stepping foot on the project.

And, of course, never file a lien for a fraudulent amount.

Zlien, Inc. prides itself on its professionalism and integrity.  We’re a licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant in Los Angelos County, California, and our business carries Errors & Omissions liability insurance.   If you’re looking for a “do-it-yourself” construction lien management solution,zlien, Inc. works to provide you with the best.