Mechanic Lien and Construction Lien Law Resources in OregonWhen you’re not paid on a construction project you turn to the Internet to find answers about collections and mechanics liens.  In 2010, it’s the natural thing to do.   When you’re sick, you turn to sites like WebMD.   When you’re not paid, you look to learn about efficient ways to collect, and you turn to sites like this one.

While we work hard to provide great  construction and mechanics lien resources, there’s no need for us to be greedy and re-publish every single feature of the mechanic lien laws.   There’s a lot of great information on other websites out there, and everyone once in a while, we find it useful to our readers to stop and point to those other resources.

This post does just that, as it relates to Oregon Mechanics Lien laws.

Let’s Start With Me

I know I just talked about not being self-centered when it comes to posting information, but there’s not harm in starting this post with a re-cap of the resources we’ve published here and elsewhere.

The Lien Law Summary Sheet for Oregon

The Construction Payment Blog’s posts concerning Oregon Legal Guide published by Scott Wolfe Jr. on Oregon Mechanic Liens

— The Northwest Construction Law Blog’s posts on Oregon Mechanic Liens and Construction Lien Laws.

Some Others

— An Associated General Contractors chapter in Oregon has published the Oregon Construction Lien Pamphlet.  The Pamphlet does an excellent job of summarizing some of the notice requirements in Oregon, which while not very complex, are very strict.   Oregon’s notice requirement is one of the fastest expiring anywhere in the country – while some states allow for 60 day notices (Washington), or 20 day notices (California), Oregon requires the Notice to Owner be sent within just 8 days!    So, better be on top of things.  This Pamphlet helps.

— I recently came across a service called “Deeper Web? (@about_law)”   From how things look to me, this website scans the web for relevant articles and information on a specific topic, and displays all the results in a magazine-like format in one location.  I’m not familiar enough with the website to say it works all the time…but, I am impressed with their “Special Report on Oregon Construction Lien Laws.”   Some neat things this site links to is the Oregon Contractors Board’s page for consumer help containing information on Oregon lien laws, and a great discussion on LinkedIn on whether a lien can be filed against someone who has filed for bankruptcy.

— No better place to get information on Oregon Lien Laws than from the horse’s mouth.   Here, that’s the Oregon Contractor’s Board.   Their website has a number of good publications that can help contractors and property owners, but most relevant here is the Construction Lien Pamphlet written “to inform contractors and consumers about Oregon’s construction lien laws.”