The recent mid-west floods presents obvious challenges to the victims and their families. Less obvious, however, are the challenges that will be faced by contractors and those in the construction industry, as they pour sweat and finances into their businesses and into the region.

Right now, contractors and “storm-chasers” from across the country are pouring into the mid-west states to cash in on the construction needs of these communities. While the damages in the area accommodate the extra labor, the post-disaster environment can be confusing, fast-paced and short on cash.

In the beginning of this rebuilding period, the needs of the residents will certainly outweigh their ability to pay contractors. Insurance claims and proceeds will be pending, and the affected residents will face financial challenges. At the same time, however, they need the services of a contractor and their homes rebuilt.

It’s more important than ever, therefore, for Iowa and mid-west contractors to get familiar with the construction lien laws in their states. Be prepared to protect your company from ugly non-payment situations by:

  1. Knowing how to preserve your right to lien, beginning before the project beginnings
  2. Being prepared to timely file your construction lien

zlien is excited to announce that it has expanded its service into the state of Iowa, and is now filing preliminary notices, prelien notices, construction liens and lien cancellations in Iowa.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Iowa lien laws, learn about them right here:

Flash Facts about Iowa Mechanic’s Lien Laws

  1. When working on a “owner-occupied dwelling,” all parties furnishing labor and/or materials must provide preliminary notice to the property owner.
  2. When working on a commercial or industrial property, sub-subcontractors (including suppliers to subcontractors) must provide notice to the prime contractor within 30 days of first furnishing labor and/or materials on the project.

How zlien .Com Can Help
zlien can help your company avoid a disaster of its own by:

  • Helping you get informed about Iowa lien laws. We have one of the most expansive free resources on Mechanic’s lien laws in the United States.
  • Preparing and sending the required Prelien notices on your construction projects to help your company preserve its lien rights. Our service prepares the notice using professionally designed templates, and we make a professional delivery of the notice. A copy of the notice and an affidavit of delivery is stored on zlien’s secure servers, and available for you to view and download at anytime.
  • Filing a construction lien when the need arises. zlien is the fastest and most effective way to lien a construction project. Our service uses professionally designed forms tailered to the laws of your state, we send the prepared lien for filing within 5 days of an order, and we deliver notice of filing to all interested parties – again, keeping all of the important files and affidavits of service stored on our servers for your access at anytime.

Zlien, Inc. is an expert in post-disaster construction environments. Started in New Orleans, LA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the company has even weathered the 2007 floods in Washington state.zlien, Inc. is a registered, bonded and insured legal document preparation service, filing pre-lien notices, construction liens, and lien cancellations across the nation.